March 19, 2021Revitalizing Binghamton's First Ward Neighborhood



A diverse and historic community on
the western shore of the Chenango River

Our Neighborhood

The First Ward is a distinct Binghamton neighborhood with much to offer residents, employers and visitors. Historically, the First Ward was a walk-to-work neighborhood where residents could easily reach employment, schools, churches and favorite shops thanks to the neighborhood’s tight network of walkable streets.

Learn more about the First Ward neighborhood and all it has to offer, including its parks and open spaces, the types and mixes of homes and businesses and the character of the community’s housing.

What’s Your Story?

Are you a lifelong resident of the neighborhood? Do you own a local business? Did you grow up in the First Ward, but move away later? We all have a story to tell and we would LOVE to hear yours!

Who We Are

The First Ward is a diverse neighborhood of over 5,000 residents, many of whom continue to have strong cultural ties to their heritage. In fact, nearly one in five residents of the First Ward speaks a language other than English at home. The neighborhood is also home to a growing number of school-aged children, while the number of elderly residents is also on the rise.

Understanding the various cultural and age-related trends in the First Ward is important when planning for the future of a community. Learn more about the people living in the First Ward neighborhood.

  • Never doubt that a small, group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.

    Margaret Mead

Where We’ve Been

Early Manufacturing Center

Beginning in the 1860s with the construction of the railroad, Binghamton rose to prominence as a manufacturing center for cigars and other products. The prosperity of these industries resulted in the development of downtown Binghamton’s factory complexes, rail yard, industrial loft buildings, commercial district and multi-story office buildings.

First Ward Industrial District

Industrial districts grew from downtown along the rivers in the 19th century. One of these districts, the First Ward, experienced growth in industry and in population in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
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