February 15, 2021Revitalizing Binghamton's First Ward Neighborhood

The Revitalization Strategy


A City-led effort funded through the BOA Program

The First Ward Revitalization Strategy

The FIRST WARD REVITALIZATION STRATEGY is specially tailored to meet the challenges and opportunities unique to the Fist Ward. This revitalization effort is being funded through the New York State Brownfield Opportunity Area (BOA) Program, which helps communities identify end uses and solutions for the vacant or underutilized sites within their neighborhoods.

In addition to the planning efforts required as part of the New York State BOA Program, this revitalization strategy will include:

A “brownfield” is real property whose expansion, redevelopment or reuse may be complicated by the actual or potential presence of a hazardous substance, pollutant, or contaminant.

Components of the Revitalization Strategy

Market Analysis

A market analysis of Charles Street Business Park, the Clinton Street Commercial Corridor and the Glenwood Avenue Commercial Corridor to determine how they can be improved and what businesses and services would best serve these areas.

Housing Assessment

A Housing Assessment will be conducted to evaluate the need for rehabilitating and building new housing in the neighborhood.

Streetscape Study

A study of ways to improve the experience of driving, parking, walking and cycling in the First Ward. Improving the way First Ward residents and visitors connect to destinations within the neighborhood and other parts of the city is a primary concern for improving the accessibility of the First Ward.

Nation Historic Register Listing

Two buildings in the First Ward will be placed on the National Historic Register

Environmental Investigations

The sites in the First Ward that are suspected of having contamination from former uses will be investigated to prepare for potential clean-up efforts.

Design Guidelines

Design guidelines will be created to help shape the best possible First Ward.

Project Process & Timeline

  • Initial Public

    First Public Meeting, stakeholder meetings and community survey.
    EARLY 2014

  • Existing Conditions

    Review existing data to gain a better understanding of conditions & trends.
    EARLY to MID 2014

  • Master Planning & Other Studies

    Conduct additional studies and develop draft Master Plan for the First Ward.
    MID 2014

  • Final Public

    Design Workshop and Final Public Meeting prior to final plan preparation.
    MID to LATE 2014

  • Draft & Final Plan Development

    Develop draft Revitalization Strategy and revise based on public input.
    LATE 2014 / EARLY 2015

The BOA Program

The State of New York created the three-step Brownfield Opportunity Area (BOA) Program in 2003 as the planning component of the NYS Superfund/Brownfield Law (GML Article 18-C, Section 970-r). The purpose of the program is to provide financial and technical assistance to municipalities and community-based organizations for area-wide revitalization strategies impacted by the presence of brownfields and environmental hazards.

Communities that complete the program become a designated BOA, which increases their competitive position for access to funding and incentives under the DEC Brownfield Cleanup Program, the Empire State Development Corporation’s economic development programs, and many other State and Federal assistance opportunities.

Other state and federal programs can work in conjunction with the BOA program, including the DEC Environmental Restoration Program, the DEC Brownfield Cleanup Program, and the US Environmental Protection Agency’s Brownfield Program. These programs focus on physical investigations and activities, which further help local municipalities deal with brownfield properties and their impacts.

BOA Program Steps

Step 1 - Pre Nomination

Step 1 consists of a preliminary analysis of the community and potential brownfield sites, the identification of the study area, the establishment of partnerships with key stakeholders, the initiation of the public participation process, and an initial identification and summary of opportunities for revitalization. This step sets the stage for more detailed analyses conducted as part of Step 2.

The City of Binghamton completed a Step 1 Pre-Nomination Study for the First Ward in 2010.

Step 2 - Nomination

Step 2 consists of comprehensive analysis of the study area and individual brownfield sites, an analysis of economic and market trends used to assist in strategy development, and the development of specific recommendations for the revitalization of strategic sites.


Step 3 - Implementation

Step 3 funds the development of detailed individual site assessments, as necessary, to determine site-specific remediation strategies and needs, the creation of a detailed reuse and redevelopment strategy for strategic sites, and the development of a marketing strategy for individual redevelopment sites in the Study Area.

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The Project Team

In 2013, the City of Binghamton selected the Project Team led by Bergmann Associates to complete the second step in the BOA program for the FIRST WARD REVITALIZATION STRATEGY.

Information about the Project Team can be found in the tabbed sections to the right.
With more than 20 successful NYSDOS BOA Program projects statewide, Bergmann offers in-depth knowledge of how the BOA Program can be customized to each community’s needs. In-house capabilities directly related to this project include urban planning, complex highway and rail design, technology park design, public works facility design, community outreach, brownfield remediation and landscape architecture.
Camoin Associates is a recognized leader in market analysis, government efficiency evaluations, special project financing and fiscal impact assessment, will lead all macro and micro level market analysis efforts for the project.
Bruce G. Harvey has twenty-five years of experience and specializes in historic architectural surveys, historic research and writing, National Register of Historic Places (NRHP) evaluations and nominations, documentation photography, and Section 106 consultation and negotiation.
Herron Consulting is a nationally recognized consulting firm specializing in site selection and commercial/industrial recruitment strategies. They will be specifically focused on defining realistic recruitment strategies for the re-use of catalytic sites within the study area.

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